About Conflict Resolution Training

Since 2010, CRT has trained thousands of professionals in conflict resolution and mediation.

Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) is the leader in conflict resolution and mediation training in the United States. We train organizations, business professionals, psychology professionals, legal professionals, corporate trainers, coaches and other professionals to help: 

Organizations: prevent, manage, and resolve workplace conflict by developing a quality of work culture that incorporates communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, workplace respect and accountability and other necessary skills for successful resolution of conflict.

Educators: solve IEP disputes with proven techniques for resolving conflict between parents of children with special needs and their school districts.

Individuals: navigate the litigation process as smoothly as possible in matters of divorce and other civil litigation matters. 

With a variety of in-person and online courses, as well as customized programs for business, nonprofit, education and governmental organizations, CRT is proud to empower and work hand-in-hand with the next generation of skilled mediators and conflict resolution specialists. 

Our story

In 2010, our Founder and Head Instructor, Susan Deveney, founded Conflict Resolution Training. She saw a great need for conflict resolution and mediation skills for businesses, mental health and legal professionals. Having worked with all manner of organizations and individuals in resolving conflict for more than two decades, Susan developed training programs that, to this day, provide other professionals with the skills and tools needed to successfully resolve disputes. 

The CRT team has trained numerous professionals from many professions, across the U.S. We believe in creating interactive, entertaining, and effective educational experiences that help business achieve their workplace goals and professionals advance their careers.

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Susan Deveney – Head Instructor

What makes Conflict Resolution Training different?

From Conflict Theory to Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management and Mediation, CRT Programs present, practical, nuts-and-bolts training that includes the skill sets and tools necessary for successful dispute resolution outcomes. 

  1. CRT offers the only divorce mediation certificate training that qualifies its graduates to mediate in any state
  2. CRT is the only national conflict resolution training organization with a network of conflict resolution professionals across the United States. 
  3. We offer not only advanced training options, but more specific courses designed to help mediators handle the complexities of the real world. Dive beyond surface-level knowledge and become a true expert with our courses. 
  4. CRT’s courses are available on-site or online. You earn the same number of CEUs no matter what, so you can choose the learning option that best fits your situation and schedule. 
  5. We believe interaction is key to learning. All CRT courses are live, giving you the benefit of live lectures, group exercises, and role play. 
  6. You don’t need court approvals or supervision to work with clients after successfully completing a CRT program. Expand your income and set your own fees as a private practice mediator with the tools we provide you.

Get to know our team

Conflict Resolution Training partners with best-in-class professionals to offer expert mediation training courses. Learn more about our knowledgeable experts.