Divorce Mediation Certificate Program

Become certified to help clients navigate the complex and emotional nuances of divorce

For more than ten years, thousands of mental health and legal professionals have trusted CRT for our divorce mediation expertise. When you complete your program, you’ll join thousands of other conflict resolution specialists who help clients navigate divorce without divisiveness. Learn more about CRT’s divorce mediation training courses to choose the option that best fits your clients’ needs. 

Divorce Mediation and Related Courses for Mental Health and Legal Professionals

CRT offers a variety of interactive, expert-led divorce mediation training courses. Whether you need to earn continuing education credits (CEUs) or want to pursue a certification in divorce mediation, our flexible learning paths make convenient, effective learning possible. All of our Continuing Education Courses are Live. Whether your class is on-site or online, you will be able to see and interact with the instructor and other program participants. Choose your course to get started.

Divorce Mediation Training Program

There is a growing need for certified divorce mediators to assist with non-adversarial marriage dissolution. 

CRT’s flagship Divorce Mediation Certificate Program will teach you everything you need to know to get started immediately upon graduation. You will learn more than just the basics of divorce mediation. You will learn how to help couples divorce as amicably as possible, navigating your clients through the divisive and emotional litigation process. 

  • This Divorce Mediation Certificate Program Training is an accredited intensive post-graduate level program that is approved for 33.5 Continuing Education Credits. 
  • This is the only Divorce Mediation Training that will teach you how to mediate divorce cases in any state within the United States. 
  • No additional certifications or supervisory sessions are required. Simply complete your course, earn your certificate, and begin mediating. 

Advanced Divorce Mediation Training

For mediation professionals who want more in-depth mediation training, CRT offers Advanced Divorce Mediation Training.

Taught by experts in Finance and Law, this Program teaches students how to prepare for and use experts in divorce cases involving more complex financial issues. 

  • You must complete the Divorce Mediation Certificate Program before enrolling in this Advanced course. 
  • This is a two-day online, remote learning program that is offered periodically throughout the year. 
  • The Advanced Divorce Mediation Training Program is approved for 10 Continuing Education Credits.

Working With High Conflict Couples

Divorce is rarely a smooth affair. As a professional, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of two feuding spouses. It can be difficult navigating these situations, which is why CRT offers the Working With High Conflict Couples course. 

During this one-day class, you’ll learn strategies that will help you get stellar results with even the most difficult cases. 

  • Earn 6 CEUs with Working With High Conflict Couples. 
  • You may complete this interactive class online or in-person.

Mindfulness-Based Parenting​

Divorce is rarely between just a couple. More often than not, children are involved. As a mediator, you might need guidance on how to guide your divorcing clients to make positive parenting decisions. In this course, you’ll learn expert techniques to decrease parents’ stress in the context of childrearing and divorce. 

  • Mindfulness-Based Parenting is an interactive, online-only course. 
  • You will earn 3 CEUs for successfully completing this course. 

Child-Centered Divorce Planning

Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle of divorce proceedings. Child-Centered Divorce Planning will train you on techniques that minimize the negative effects of divorce on children. Coach your clients on how to design parenting plans that most benefit the child during a messy divorce. 

  • Earn 4 CEUs after successfully completing this course. 
  • You may complete the interactive class online or in-person. 

Co-Parenting Post-Divorce

Is your divorcing client having difficulty with their parenting plan after their divorce is finalized? Co-Parenting Post-Divorce will teach you about the challenges of co-parenting and train you in actionable techniques to help your clients overcome these challenges. 

  • Earn 3 CEUs after successfully completing this course. 
  • You may complete the interactive class online or in-person.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Divorcing Spouses

Cognitive therapy is an approach that can reduce anxiety and depression in your divorced clients. In this divorce mediation training course, Dr. Carol Corbett will show you how to use this therapeutic technique in your own practice. 

  • Earn 3 CEUs after successfully completing this course. 
  • This interactive, live course is only available online.

Why CRT?​

  1. CRT offers the only divorce mediation training certification that qualifies you to mediate divorces in any state
  2. Our divorce mediation training courses are designed for both mental health and legal professionals. 
  3. You don’t need court approvals or supervision to work with clients with the CRT program. Expand your income and set your own fees as a private practice divorce mediator with the tools we provide you.
  4. You’ll be allowed to start practicing and charging for divorce mediation immediately after successfully completing your CRT training.
  5. With in-person and online options, you’re able to learn in a way that fits your lifestyle.

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