Divorce Mediation Certificate Program

Become CRT-Certified as a Divorce Mediator

For more than twelve years, thousands of professionals across the United states have relied upon the expertise of Conflict Resolution Training to provide them with the tools, resources and education they need to be certified as divorce mediators. Whether you are looking for a new source of income to add to an exiting practice, a new career direction, or a lot of continuing education credits, a Certificate from Conflict Resolution Training will suit your needs.

Divorce Mediation Courses for Mental Health and Legal Professionals

There is a growing need for properly trained, qualified mediators. Upon completing your Divorce Mediation Certificate Program, you will join thousands of CRT-trained conflict resolution specialists who help families navigate the challenge of divorce without the acrimony and divisiveness of divorce litigation.
You can earn your Divorce Mediator Certificate in as little as eight weeks. Our live, online, interactive thirty-five hour program will teach you everything you need to begin practicing as a divorce mediator immediately upon completion.


Divorce Mediation Training Program

CRT’s flagship Divorce Mediation Certificate Program will teach you everything you need to know to begin work as a Divorce Mediator immediately upon Certification. More than just the basics of divorce mediation, CRT will teach you everything about handling a divorce mediation case from the time your clients call to schedule an appointment to the time they leave your office with an complete agreement on all of the terms of their divorce. 

  • This Divorce Mediation Certificate Program is an accredited, intensive post-graduate level program that is approved for 33.5 Continuing Education Credits
  • As a CRT-Certified Divorce Mediator, you will join a select group of mediators who are able to mediate divorce cases in any state within the United States. No other training Program offers this advantage.
  • No additional certifications or supervisory sessions are required. Simply complete your course, earn your certificate, and begin mediating with confidence. 

Advanced Divorce Mediation Training

For mediation professionals who want more in-depth mediation training, CRT offers Advanced Divorce Mediation Training.

Taught by experts in Finance and Law, this Program teaches students how to prepare for and use experts in divorce cases involving more complex financial issues. 

  • You must complete the Divorce Mediation Certificate Program before enrolling in this Advanced course. 
  • This is a two-day online, remote learning program that is offered periodically throughout the year. 
  • The Advanced Divorce Mediation Training Program is approved for 10 Continuing Education Credits.

Why CRT?​

  1. CRT offers the only divorce mediation certification that qualifies you to mediate divorces in any state
  2. Our divorce mediation courses are designed for both mental health and legal professionals. 
  3. You don’t need court approvals or supervision to work with clients after completing our Divorce Mediation Courses. CRT’s instructors provide you with the tools and support so that you can take cases the day you complete your course!
  4. Expand your income and set your own fees as a private practice divorce mediator. 

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