Earn your Conflict Resolution Specialist Certificate

Earn your Conflict Resolution Specialist Certificate from Conflict Resolution Training this Year!

Conflict Resolution Training has been training professionals and business leaders on how to mediate disputes and resolve conflict for twelve years. Thousands of graduates have received CRT Certificates for the programs they have attended. 

CRT Programs

CRT now offers a Conflict Resolution Specialist Certificate to our students who successfully complete all the following CRT Programs:

Workplace Conflict Resolution: 28 Hours
Divorce Mediation Training: 32 Hours (Basic) + 12 Hours (Advanced)
Special Education Mediation Training: 8 Hours

learn valuable new career skills

This comprehensive, well-rounded education in mediation and conflict resolution is beneficial for professionals who wish to add the Conflict Resolution Specialist Credential to their resume or learn valuable new career skills to assist them in achieving a higher level of performance in their career responsibilities.

We are not just an engaging group of professional educators! We do the work we teach. And we continue to add relevant courses to our Conflict Resolution Training Programs Catalogue as well as highly credentialed faculty to our impressive roster of Program Instructors. 

Contact us today to learn more

Contact us today to learn more about how CRT can provide an enjoyable, content-rich learning experience to your plans for this year! You will:

  • Meet accomplished professional peers.
  • Learn from highly regarded Instructors.
  • Gain a body of knowledge that you will use every day in your career and in your personal life.
  • Be welcomed as a member of the CRT family of Conflict Resolution Specialists in the United States and very soon – around the world!

To discuss the opportunity to earn your Conflict Resolution Specialist Certificate, call us at 800.306.1020 or email our Head Instructor directly at SDeveney@ConflictResolutionTraining.com

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