Ann Arbor, MI
Dates: June 1-4, 2021 (Parts 1 & 2)
Tuition: $ 1,990.00
Instructor: Susan Deveney, Esq. | Certified Mediator, CRT Head Instructor
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Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate Program| Ann Arbor, MI

Become a CRT Certified Workplace Conflict Resolution Specialist!

This Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate Program is designed specifically for professionals who are interested in learning to effectively resolve conflict in workplace and other organizational settings.

We live in an era of escalating conflict. There is no place that this growing problem is more evident than the workplace, which is increasingly fraught with diverse interests and unanticipated conflicts. These conflicts are often the result of poor communication, inaccurate or different perceptions,  previous disputes that escalate because they were never resolved, and other factors.  There is a need for conflict resolution specialists in almost all organizations today.

Learn to work with or within businesses of all sizes in identifying and reducing conflict in order to increase employee job satisfaction and productivity, reduce employment litigation costs, improve organizational culture and attract top talent.

Participants may enroll in Part 1 or Parts 1 & 2 of this Certificate Program. See the description of the contents of each sessions below. Online and On-site Classes are available.

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training – Part 1 (15 CE Credits)

This intensive, 30-hour program will teach you:

How to resolve conflict in a variety of organizational situations

How to identify and address bases for conflict

The steps most likely to result in a successful resolution of conflict

Useful skills in facilitating negotiation between parties to conflict

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training – Part 2 (15 CE Credits)

Apply what you have learned in Part 1 in Case Studies and Role Play exercises.

Resolving conflict without litigation is far more private and less expensive than litigious hearings and court proceedings. It is also an excellent new source of business income for mediation professionals.

Included With Tuition

The tax-deductible tuition for this Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate Program includes all of the necessary materials for classwork as well as forms and resources necessary for successfully working with divorcing spouses after course completion; a Professional Workplace Conflict Resolution Specialist Certificate; and access to resources when handling conflict resolution cases upon graduation.

Following Graduation

Begin accepting cases immediately following graduation. There are no additional courses, certifications, observations, or supervisory sessions required upon completion of this program and no requirement to affiliate or work in or through courts in handling cases. ​Increase your skills, professional credentials and income by earning this certificate now.

University of Michigan


University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
CRT/Susan Deveney


CRT/Susan Deveney

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