Instructor Certification & Engagement Program

CRT will Train, Certify and Hire you!

You may be eligible to learn and then teach our Conflict Resolution, Workplace Culture Improvement, and Mediation Courses.

In its search for highly engaging, talented professionals to join its faculty of Certified Instructors across the globe, CRT has created an Instructor Certification and Engagement Program. Through this Program, the only one of its kind, we train and certify Mediators and Conflict Resolution Specialists and then hire our graduates to teach our programs. 

If you are interested in joining a diverse, accomplished, fascinating and fun team of Certified Professional Instructors who are committed to improving organizational culture, teaching mediation and conflict resolution skills to other professionals, businesses, organizations, schools, and families across the globe, you may be a great fit for our Instructor Certification & Engagement Program.

If selected for the Program, you will attend special courses for instructors,  completing forty-eight hours of training over twelve weeks during Fall or Spring Semester. After successful completion of your training program, you will be certified as a Conflict Resolution Specialist or Mediator, and guaranteed a teaching contract  as one of our Certified Instructors. 

Upon receiving your Certification, you will begin to deliver Online Training in either Workplace Conflict Resolution, Divorce Mediation or Special Education Mediation in accordance with a flexible, part-time, work-from-home schedule. You control your schedule and your work-life balance. You will work independently but be part of an organization that meets regularly (online) and values its culture of diversity, inclusivity, transparency and respect.

If you are interested in learning and training others on how to improve workplace culture, resolve conflict and/or mediate disputes as a member of a highly credentialed group of Instructors, please join our Head Instructor in an informational meeting to learn more about this Program and how you can apply. 

Here is a link to schedule a time: Informational Meeting with Susan Deveney