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Organizational Culture by Design

Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) provides tools and executable skills that enable participants to add immediate value to their organizations and careers. 

CRT is a Professional Development and Continuing Education Company that helps professionals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities improve their talent and workplace cultures through engaging and interactive learning

Our focus is on the development of professional cultures within our clients’ organizations that encourage a sense of safety, inclusion, engagement, support, and, above all, trust. An engaged and valued workforce promotes higher levels of creativity, produces better quality decisions, and generates organizational growth.

At CRT, our training programs can be completely tailored to your enterprise. We are able to combine any of our training courses into a customized program for your organization. You can choose the most applicable courses for your business and provide us with real world problems from your organization that we will use as case studies in those courses. After completing any of our Workplace Culture Training Programs you will have  skills and solutions tailored for the realities of your workplace. Call us today to create a training program that meets your organization’s needs!

We also offer Certificate Programs for professionals who seek Certification as Workplace Conflict Resolution Specialists—a valuable credential in today’s evolving workspace! 

CRT provides Workplace Culture training for Individuals & Organizations of Any Size

"This was the most interesting training I've taken in 20 years of post-graduate experience!"
Beth O'Malley, LCSW. MSW
Greenwich, CT
"Excellent and dynamic training. Susan delivers pertinent information in a clear, concise and entertaining way."
Jennifer Douglas-Kruk LPC, LCADC
Boonton, NJ

Combine any of our courses into a custom talent development program!

Resolving Conflict in Six Steps
Every workplace has conflict. Your ability to manage personal and group conflicts is essential for your organization’s success. Learn how to increase workforce engagement, innovation and productivity by reducing destructive conflict and harness the power of healthy conflict in 6 immediately executable steps.

A great facilitator makes all the difference in team, group and meeting success. Expertise in facilitation requires training in task preparation, management of meeting content and process, and skills critical to resolving and managing conflict. The better the facilitator, the more likely a productive meeting outcome.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication skills build trust and confidence within the workplace. Learn how to communicate verbally and nonverbally with employees, managers and co-workers, in order to increase engagement, job satisfaction and productivity within your organization.

Delivering Constructive Criticism

What, when and how you deliver constructive criticism matters. When communicating criticism in the workplace, whether one-on-one, or in a group setting, it is possible to do so in a way that creates positive workplace relationships rather than conflict. Learn how to use criticism to strengthen work relationships.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to analyze, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate relevant information in order to make the best possible decisions and minimize errors if a chosen decision turns out to be incorrect. Critical thinking skills will enable you to make logical, informed and better decisions based upon an improved thinking process. 

Creative Problem Solving

The ability to solve problems and identify opportunities when conventional thinking has failed is critically important in today’s competitive workplace. Learn how to find fresh perspectives and devise innovative solutions, so that you can formulate a plan to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Leading Difficult Conversations

Failure to properly prepare for challenging discussions often leads to conflict in the workplace. Learn how to plan, structure, and manage challenging discussions in a meaningful way. The ability to do so will help you achieve positive, productive outcomes rather than generate resentment, hostility, and conflict.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion must be more than something we talk about. These must become ingrained cultural values within your organization because they are the lifeblood of your future success. Learn how to move past talk and create meaningful and measurable allyship in your organization.

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Emotionally and socially intelligent people have a superior ability to perceive and regulate emotions within themselves and others. They are far more likely to feel and exhibit empathy. Learn to develop these abilities to guide workplace thought and behavior and become a more effective leader.

Media in the Workplace

Responsible digital citizenry requires appropriate use of technology and social media. Learn how to share and cultivate this important value within your organization. Fostering a sense of respect, civility and ethics is an important step toward creating an innovative and resilient workplace culture.

Women in Leadership

Studies show that having women in leadership positions offers an organization many benefits, including accountability and the creation of a work-life balance demanded by today’s workforce. Learn how to encourage and develop women as leaders, and how to identify and overcome barriers to achieving this goal. 

Team Building

Teamwork is part of our everyday life. We are often called upon to be a functional part of a performing team. This course allows participants to explore the different aspects of teams; and to discover ways in which they can become exceptional team performers within their own organizations.

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety among stakeholders is more prevalent in workspaces than ever before. The ability to manage workplace anxiety is critical to developing a culture of trust, inclusivity, creativity, and innovation. Learn how to identify and implement policies, practices and procedures that will reduce anxiety in your workforce.

Empathy for Leaders

Perhaps the most important skill leaders need for success today, empathy is the ability to perceive and understand what employees need their leaders to care about. Empathy is a behavior that, once developed, is a powerful tool for increasing creativity and improving quality of decisions and work relationships.


Mindfulness is a state of heightened awareness that has numerous benefits in the workplace. Stress reduction, improved focus and creativity, increased confidence, resiliency, empathy and productivity are just a few. Mindfulness training will produce a tangible, significant ROI for your organization.

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We offer Certificate Programs that cover our Core Competencies for professionals who seek certification as Workplace Conflict Resolution Specialists—a valuable credential in today’s evolving workspace!

Workplace Culture Core Competencies

Session 1 – The Six Steps to Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Session 2 – Facilitation Skills

Session 3 – Interpersonal Communications Skills

Session 4 – Leading Difficult Conversations

Session 5 – Emotional & Social Intelligence

Session 6 –Critical Thinking Skills

Session 7 – Creative Problem Solving Skills

Session 8 – Delivering Constructive Criticism


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